ZMSS Memorial

While on retreat this weekend, it was a lovely day and we were able to do our walking meditation outside on the porch of the Diamond Hill Monastery. The wind was brisk at times, but with the Willow tree starting to bloom and all the flowers popping out, it was fun to be outside. As I was walking, I noticed the hillside behind Zen Master Seung Sahn’s Memorial Stupa. We had weeded the hillside when installing the area in 2009, but Sunday I noticed it seemed very barren with only a few lone daffodils at the base of the hill.

Now, there is a house in Providence near Rhode Island College that I pass by quite frequently. Suddenly, last week, I noticed their entire front lawn is covered in flowers – quite a display of hyacinth, daffodils, tulips and crocus … so that is what I envisioned this Sunday … a wall of flowers for our Founding Teacher. Could we remember to plant more bulbs this Fall to see if we could get that to happen? Then, each Spring would come and not only the grass, but the whole hillside would grow and spring to life, all by itself!

What do you think?

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