Heart Kyol Che

January 4th - March 26th

What is Heart Kyol Che?

HEART KYOL CHE – In The Time of Covid

Traditionally Heart Kyol Che runs concurrently with the in-person kyol che.  This winter our kyol che will consist of 3 one-week retreats via Zoom

(one in January, one in February and one in March).

Kyol Che Dates

Heart Kyol Che remains an opportunity for we zen students to participate by doing extra practice – from one week up to the full 12 weeks.

Take some time to consider what practices you can do this winter.  Please use any of PZC’s Zoom offerings to support you in this.

PZC online schedule

We suggest a one week minimum commitment if possible for you.

Recommendations to Deepen Your Practice

  1. An effort to do daily practice (recitation of the Four Great Vows; bowing; chanting the Heart Sutra; sitting fifteen minutes)
  2. Daily mantra practice (suggested minimum is one thousand Kwan Seum Bosals)
  3. A personal day of silence and mindfulness
  4. Long sittings (suggested minimum is one)
  5. Attend Dharma Talks ( suggest one per month)
  6. Sit one or more one day retreats
  7. Use these links to find other KUSZ on line practice offerings:Kwan Um online Kwan Um Americas

How do I Arrange to Participate?

Fill out the practice commitment form; keep copy for yourself.
Online Form


*All scheduled times are Eastern Standard time zone*