Providence Zen Center Volunteer Program
A student once asked Zen Master Seung Sahn, “How do we get wisdom?”  The Zen Master answered, “Don’t-know mind, together action, and correct kong-an practice.”
Together action gives us an opportunity to work together as a Sangha towards a common goal and, as Zen Master Dae Bong wrote, “an opportunity to understand ourselves and others better and to get wisdom.”
                 Quoted from The Original Spirit of Together Action — Kwan Um School of Zen
Click here to join us for together action, an important part of our practice.  Providence Zen Center has a number of ways you can participate through our Volunteer Program.
  • Adopt-A-Room – We are seeking people to adopt specific areas on the PZC campus to keep clean. Areas available include the Main Dharma Room, Upstairs Dharma Room, Pagoda, Zen Master Seung Sahn’s Memorial Room, Linen Closet, Main Entrance Vestibule, Guest Robe Hallway.
  • Rentals & Sangha Weekends – PZC hosts various events on campus as part of our rental program. We need volunteers to support these events by joining us for a variety of tasks including setting up & breaking down for events, meal prep & clean up, general housekeeping & clean up.
  • Monthly House Cleaning – Once a month the PZC main building and monastery need a deep cleaning. We are seeking volunteers to join us for two hours of cleaning.
  • Outdoor Projects – There is an ongoing list of projects to be completed outdoors, from mowing the lawn, shoveling & plowing, yard maintenance, and more.
  • Indoor Projects – There are always indoor projects to dig into, such as painting, fixing something, cleaning projects.
Fill out the form below and we will call you directly with details.  Each option above will come with clear direction on what needs to be done and support to complete it.  Reach out to Alyson &/or Danielle with any questions.
Thank you for your time and participation.  Your contribution is invaluable.  🙏
Alyson Arnold
PZC Workmaster
401.286.5486 (text only)

Danielle Alpher
PZC Development Officer

Soyoung and Dennis, the abbot of the Providence Zen Center, standing on the farm with freshly planted seeds.