In-Person Practice Schedule

Every Day:

5:15am – 108 Bows
5:45am – Chanting
6:30am – 25 Min. Sitting (No Sitting on Wednesday)
*No early morning practice on Sundays

6:30pm – Special Chanting (Thousand Eyes & Hands, Kwan Seum Bosal)
7:00pm – Chanting (Evening Bell, Heart Sutra (English), Great Dharani)
7:20pm – 40 Min. Sitting (25 Min. on Friday, 60 Min. total on Wednesday)

If you are interested in learning about Zen meditation, the best way to start is to attend a walk-in meditation instruction class at the Providence Zen Center. By attending the class you will learn about what Zen teaching is and the meditation techniques that we use here, as well as a general introduction to the Zen Center. No registration is required, please see the public events schedule below.

Weekly Meditation Classes are always free but a suggested donation of $5-$10 helps us keep these programs running.

5:30pm – Public Dinner
6:15pm – Meditation Instruction
6:30pm – Special Chanting (Thousand Eyes & Hands, Kwan Seum Bosal)
7:00pm – Chanting (Evening Bell, Heart Sutra (English), Great Dharani)*
7:20pm – 25 Min. Sitting
7:45pm – 10 Min. Walking Meditation
7:55pm – 25 Min. Sitting

9:00am – Meditation Instruction
9:35am – 25 Min. Sitting
10:00am – 10 Min. Walking Meditation
10:10am – 25 Min. Sitting
10:45am – Dharma Talk**
11:00am – Q&A

*There will be Kong-an Interviews offered every first and third Wednesday of each month, starting at 7:15pm. A Kong-An Interview is an optional 1-on-1 session between a Zen Practitioner and a Zen Dharma Teacher. Either Dennis Duermeier, JDPSN or Kwan Haeng Sunim, Head Dharma Teacher, will be conducting the interviews.

The Kong-an is an experiential tool that helps us cut through our thinking so that we can just perceive, therefore function clearly. It is an essential part of our practice. Learn more about Kong-an interviews at the Kwan Um School of Zen website.

“Kong-ans are not special. But we use them to teach correct way, truth, and life. We use them to teach how it is possible to function correctly in everyday life.” – Zen Master Seung Sahn

**A Dharma Talk is a session where a Zen student shares their own experience of Zen and Buddhism. This talk is followed by a teacher or senior student answering questions from the attendees.
We welcome people of all levels to come attend Sunday Dharma Programs to learn more about meditation and how Zen practice affects different aspects of different people’s lives.

Buddha Statue on a stone surrounded by grass, leaves, and flowers