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Kyol Che Opening Ceremony

Friday January 4 - 6:30PM: Winter Kyol Che Opening Ceremony followed by light refreshments. Help support and send off the winter retreat participants with a opening ceremony that includes Dharma talks by Zen Masters Soeng Hyang and Bon Haeng.

Vulture Peak Dharma Talk by Zen Master Bon Haeng

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W3VdJqOp_c Climbing up to Vulture Peak before sunrise visiting the famous place where the Buddha taught and Zen has its origin. Dharma talk from Zen Master Bon Haeng. From The Whole World is a Single Flower Tour, India 2011 (Part 5: Rajgir, Vulture Peak)

Dharma Talk at Brown

Tuesday September 20 - 7:30PM: Zen Master Bon Haeng will be giving a Dharma Talk at Brown University's Manning Chapel.

Mallorca, Big Pregunta

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpDUwAGQvsc&feature=related From the dharma talk in Mallorca, ZMBH talks about having a "Big Pregunta," a Big Question. "Buddhism begins with pregunta. Practicing Buddhism--great pregunta. Enlightenment means become comfortable with pregunta."

After One Day Retreat, No Regret

One of the things that makes Kwan Um School of Zen so great,  is sitting retreats and having interviews with our teachers. Yesterday at PZC we had the privilege to sit a one day retreat with Zen Master Bon Haeng (Mark Houghton).  It consisted of sitting and walking meditation from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm followed by an informal meal. Robin ran a smooth retreat as Head Dharma Teacher, I heard many people comment on how quickly time seem to pass.  Tam was our Moktak Master as we chanted the Heart Sutra in English and the Great Dharani. A highlight and surprise to this retreat was a impromptu period of walking meditation outside led by Zen Master ...