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Forms Workshop

Learn all the little details you are curious about in an informal setting. This workshop is great for beginners to learn the basics, for experienced practitioners to try for themselves, and for Dharma Teachers and Dharma Teachers-in-Training to learn how to share these forms with others.     Have all your form questions answered! We'll demonstrate and teach our varied forms used in the Dharma Room such as how to: open and close the altar, enter and leave the Dharma Room, hold the chant book, enter walking meditation, do a full prostration, and when, and more! The Forms Workshop takes place following the refreshments ...

Kido Chanting Retreat May 21st with Nancy Hedgpeth JDPSN!

Kido chanting retreats consist primarily of chanting from 9:00am-3:30pm with an informal lunch at noon. We chant “Kwan Seum Bosal” - a name for the bodhisattva of compassion - while sitting, standing and walking. This retreat is suitable for beginners as well as experienced students. Please arrive at 8:30am to register. Non-Members $65 Members & FT Students $45 DT and DTIT $35 Please register for thisl retreat with Retreat Registration Form

One Day Retreat with Nancy Hedgpeth JDPSN Saturday November 7th

One day retreats consist of sitting and walking meditation from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm followed by an informal meal. Includes kong-an teaching interviews with a zen teacher. There is an orientation at 8:15 am for first-time retreat members. Prior meditation experience or attendance at a meditation instruction class is recommended.     Registration for beginners is 8:00am with orientation to follow. Prices: non-members $65, members and full-time students $45, Dharma teachers and Dharma teachers in training $35           To register for your retreat online – fill out the ret...

One Day Retreat

Saturday October 4 – 9:00AM – 3:30PM:  The one day retreat leader to be announced. Registration and orientation for beginners at 8:00AM. Registration for all others at 8:30AM. (A formal meal is part of the retreat.) To register for your retreat online – fill out the retreat registration form.