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Zen Master Bon Shim

Facebook Google+ Twitter Transform your suffering into joy with Zen Master Bon Shim Zen Master Bon Shim (Aleksandra Porter) is the Regional Zen Master for the Kwan Um School of Zen in Europe. As a young girl growing up in Cracow, Poland she gravitated to the contemplative atmosphere and the smell of incense of the Catholic Church. In the silence she found a safety she had been longing for, but desired to go beyond what she was being taught, to know that her life had meaning. In 1978, she began practicing with Zen Master Seung Sahn and was given Inka, or permission to teach, in 1992. In 2006 received transmission. Today she serves as the ...

Four Blind Men (Original)

A holy person came with his elephant to a remote village that was suffering from severe drought. On the back of the elephant he brought a large vessel of fresh water to the home of six blind men who always stuck together to help each other, but somehow always quarreled. After the water pot was lowered from the elephants back, down to the ground, the first blind man reached out and caught hold of the elephant's tail. "The elephant," he declared, "is like a piece of rope." The second man grabbed an ear and said, "No, the elephant is like the leaf of a banana sapling." The third man was holding the trunk and said, "Wrong. The elephant is very much ...

The Dogs of India

I went to India with members of the KUSZ for The Whole World Is a Single Flower Conference 2011, but what I remember most about the trip were the dogs. They were not like the dogs from back home.  They were gaunt and wary.  They did not run up to us, tails wagging, begging for attention and handouts.  They lived off the leavings of humanity, scavenging the piles of garbage on the street, sleeping in the alleyways and avoiding human contact, and ignored by humanity.  These were not dogs that were selectively bred by people to meet our needs or whims.  Their colors varied, but they were uniformly long legged and tailed with narrow ...

Original Face

Poem by Zen Master Seung Sahn Your true self is always shining and free. Human beings make something and enter the ocean of suffering. Only without thinking can you return to your true self. The high mountain is always blue, white clouds coming and going.

Four Blind Men Visited the Elephant

Four blind men went to the zoo and visited the elephant. One blind man touched its side and said, "The elephant is like a wall." The next blind man touched its trunk and said, "The elephant is like a snake." The next blind man touched its leg and said, "The elephant is like a column." The last blind man touched its tail and said, "The elephant is like a broom." Then the four blind men started to fight, each one believing that his opinion was the right one. Each only understood the part he had touched; none of them understood the whole.